A Sneak Peak at UC Compensation Plan Diagram


Here’s a sneak peak at the UC Compensation plan diagram on the NEW UC site launch. Thanks for your patience everyone. Getting close to launch!

*NOTE: anyone posting negative posts or promoting other deals will be deleted and blocked.

All of us here at the company are well aware of the anxiety, impatience etc that many of you possess. We want the site launched just as much as you. Trust us on that. There is no benefit for us to hold the site back. However, it would be irresponsible to launch it before it’s ready. This is a 30-60 day project normally and it’s been 2 weeks. For those that know business, I know you understand this.

We are done with the major programming. We are in the inspection phase and accuracy of the data migration. I wish I could give you a specific time. I would if I could but programming is not an exact science. It’s an art. It could be a few hours or or many hours or more. It all depends on what issues we find (if any) as we do the final inspection.

If we find none, we launch fast, if we find one or some it will take time to correct any of them. Simple issues faster and more complex issues of course longer. All the heavy lifting is done.

So in closing, we emphasize with you and that you want it released days ago. Us too!

Peter Wolfing



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Ultimate Cycler is a home-business program created by Peter Wolfing that's been designed to be easy to get started with and quick to get you into profit. It's a 2×2 cycler with a direct member-to-member compensation plan that allows for 100% instant payout on commissions.

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  • Here’s a team of ultimate cyclers, if u have not registered yet please join our WhatsApp group where we organize ourselves and prepare for the big relaunch, this way you will have no problem in building your own team. As part of our plans, we intend Grouping members and register under each other and not just a one man affair…………. Join us today and let’s create a force towards financial freedom….

  • You are trying and I appreciate your efforts, I’ll like you and your crew to be better and faster in fixing what most have been causing the problem

  • I understand everything you are doing is for our own good I appreciate that but some of us have some many people on our neck asking for thier money back and the only way they won’t talk about their money is when the site is fully operational. Please try and do everything in your power to get it back to normal soon. the pressure here is too much to handle. Thanks

  • Kindly quicken the process because we invested n not abandoned money …plus the quicker the better for u.if not people won’t trust u ever again…n u r already loosing a large amount of customers to ultimate cycler it is most non cyclers do not want to hear anything about it…

  • I wish to know the exact number of people one should refer before he gets paid level one, level two, level three, to the final level. Must one refer on each level and how many people to refer or is it that the first referral on level one is what one needs to make it to the final level?

  • Nigeria’s are not like you guys over there… once the trust is gone, you don’t get it back, you got huge number of Nigeria’s over 2weeks because the system was working and people were getting cash quick,I personally believe in UC like many other people, I lost almost all my cycler client over last few weeks, I had plans that was shred to pieces because of that upgrade, I promised my guys that latest 2weeks uc will be back online, some of them that’s was in it because of how I explained it to them and dragged them to believing in me not even uc are now laughing at me… one thing am sure of is when uc comes back online if it does, things are not gonna be the same

  • I can’t wait for the launch to be successful.we the faithfuls await the moment we will all smile for being parent and right to wait.Good luck guyz!

  • Peter wolfing is really trying his best to make sure we don’t get disappointed at all, pls fellow Nigerians lets just excersise a little patient and let peter wolfing give us the best we truelly deserve, as for me I’ll stay calm, REMEMBER “THE PATIENT DOG EATS THE FATTEST BONE, our ultimate cycler will come back and not just coming back, BT coming back in a big way, be patient thank u
    UC User name: betapikin

  • We are waiting patiently for the relaunch.. Thanks for the good works you are doing we hope to see more. Ultimatecycler is the best and we will keep promoting it.

  • Peter Wolfing, sorry to say this we are tired of telling people the site will be lunch today and tomorrow, Peter Wolfing what’s wrong if you stick to your words. You personally said Thursday. Your inconsistency will kill the spirit of Nigerians, your expansion will achieve the opposite if the site is not lunched before Monday. I don’t care if you delete me from the system because all the people that paid me collected their money back with violence. Lunch now or never

  • How can someone change his or her bank details example: bank name . account number….. Cause the new features is some how nice but a little bit confusing, so I need a direction on how to edit or change bank details……. Thanks