What GREAT kick off to 2017!


We have added tremendous security to the site as well gotten our support all caught up and down to a 12-24 turn around response time.  Make sure you use the support ticket system. Links are on the bottom of the home page as well as your back office.

Please use the forgot password funtion if you can not log in and follow the captcha security message.

Live call Every Monday at 8 PM EST (605) 475-4700 Pin 602974#
Replay dial in  605-475-4799 pin 602974# ref 1062 (Replay date 1-9-17)

Replay online recording of 12/2/17 call  Click To Listen To The Replay


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Ultimate Cycler

Ultimate Cycler is a home-business program created by Peter Wolfing that's been designed to be easy to get started with and quick to get you into profit. It's a 2×2 cycler with a direct member-to-member compensation plan that allows for 100% instant payout on commissions.

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  • Ultimatecycler is the best online business I have even seen and involved in, it started like a joke in my community all of a sudden it flows like a magic,many people started joining,it favoured me and some other people while some people here are yet to get paid,i wish people will understand how the networking works and follow the instructions for the betterment of all, cos many people here in Nigeria are scared of participating again cos some get paid while some didn’t get paid,but for me ultimatecycler is the best. 👍

  • Mr Wolfing, you claim Nigerians make up a large percentage of your members yet you failed to put on ground, an easier way of upgrading to another level.

  • I have registered since December 2016 I have no downlines since but I constantly use my Facebook referal link on daily basis when I called my sponsor about this issue she keep telling me until I refer people before I could get paid and now it is difficult to refer when I don’t have anything to show for it

    my UC USERNAME iluobeashley

  • I registered since 21/12/16/ I make my payment immediately #12500. since then, I have not receive any pay at all but, they early run that once I register and make payment,I will receive my in two weeks.I don’t know what’s going on, pls help out.this is investment, getting people in is difficult, fine a way a little easy abeg

  • 100% REAL BUT FOR THE BIG GUYZ…… Have you heard of_ ​​ULTIMATE CYCLER?​​ ​It gives you​ ​​N50,000​​ ​after a week of investing just​ ​​N12,500,​​ ​without requiring you to evangelise!​

    ​Once you register, you’re paired with someone to whom you pay​ ​​N12,500​​.

    ​Within 1 week, 4 new members will be assigned to pay​ ​​N12,500​​​each to you. That’s a total of​ ​​N50,000​​ ​within a week, whether or not you introduce your friends.​

    ​Introducing friends only speeds up your collection of​ ​​N50,000.​​ ​If you choose to keep quiet, you’ll still get your​ ​​N50,000​​ ​within a week through automatic pairing from around Nigeria.​

    ​I became a cycler myself 2days ago and Now I have gotten my first payment of​ ​​N25000​​​without saying a word, remaining 2 of such payments within the week!​

    ​​Earlier the better. Register now and get paid soonest!​​
    Follow the link bellow


  • I register last year, and u go off for upgrading since then I don’t see any money. And nobody pay money in to my account.

  • The new upgrade is rubbish. You cant purge people or delete the account even people that don’t wont to pay the system cannot remove them. Is better you guys should go and look how others are doing their own. It surppose to be be automatic removal, not that rubbish there that the person must be on you matrix before you can delete or purge the person, is not good that way 100% not good. How will you delete or purge someone that is to pay you when the person is not in your matrix. Just go and look how otheres are doing there own and learn from there.. befor the upgrade everything was fine and perfect. Ive like 5, 6 people that says the are not using the account the merge to pay me, how will i remove them, not way because of the new update that dont even have head.Please you guys should do something about it.

    Thank you

  • I registered since last year November and have two person under me know payment till now because of that my friends that wanted to register lockup.if you want the investment to speed up now again pay those that have registered since when people see it or heard about it they will start registering like before thank you

  • I registered since November an I brought two people under me which de hv make payment to other people. bought I hv not being paid uptil now. I can not even login again. due to new security captcha. I’m disaponted in ultimate cycler.

  • I paid since 12/12/2016 and uptill now not a single penny is paid to me.even the I referred was not paid . Please do something about this.

  • This is not fair I registered since last year and I have invited one person but I have not been paired to receive payment from anybody.

    I want the admins to please do something about this

  • Oh yes this ultimate cycler thing is a total scam i registered and was immediately paired with someone else, i paid him the amount but he refused to comfirm my payment.! and as such is as if i have not registered under my sponsor am like not even there at all Rubbish! Here in Nigeria . Khadija001

  • I register since last year November or October but up still now I hv not get back my payment , which is not telling good of your business and that is y people don’t want to register again because they see these business as fake, please try to make it good so that more customer will join and please I need my payment .

  • Am not happy about ultimate cycler, it hard to get paid since the upgrading, Mr Peter wolfing go back the way it was oooo, you are losing customers OK. Since December i register two people ,non of them have got any downline .the are on my neck telling me the want their money back .so tried about this site

  • I’ve registered for more than a month now and yet no payment, I’ve tried advertising to people but none has shown up because I have nothing to show for it, no evidence, please rectify this problem.
    Uc username: Theresa214

  • I think Peter wolfing made a serious mistake by designing the system in sure a way that you must refer people, he should go back and design the the site in such a way that people will be matched automatically irrespective of the fact that you invite people or not. If that is not done believe me the site will stop to grow in the next 1 month