UC Update 12/19


Live call Every Monday at 8 PM EST (605) 475-4700 Pin 602974#
replay dial in  605-475-4799 pin 602974# ref 1050

Replay of 12/19 call

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The new support link isin your back office and also on the footer of the home page.


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Ultimate Cycler is a home-business program created by Peter Wolfing that's been designed to be easy to get started with and quick to get you into profit. It's a 2×2 cycler with a direct member-to-member compensation plan that allows for 100% instant payout on commissions.

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  • Hello please how do I delete an account that was mistakenly registered under me and the owner is not Ready to pay?

    • Please ultimatecycler go back to your first compensation plan before is too late for you. Know you have already lose customers and you are doing this

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      Hello Ayodele! If you registered the account after the update, the account will be removed after 48hrs if there was no confirmation of payment. But if the account was registered before the update, it will be deleted later if there was no confirmation. Thank you very much

  • Please my name is Nicholas victor, I joined dis business last month before it wen off dat brought d business to update or upgrade the system , and after every thing I find out that the new upgrading has new ways of adding people under some one, please is now getting to a month I register but yet just like the person that register me, which she told me that if I can’t get people to register under me they will fix people under me, but up till now I have not seen any thing like that and please I need full details on how I can explain to other people around me that may want to join too, because they have been asking me to explain to them on how it is done and how they may join when they are ready to join . these is also my number +2348062093565

  • Seriously ultimate cycler is no more d way it was. Now people are discourage to register due to d new development of no random placing and d compulsory referral thing. Not everyone can advertize and network. Ultimate cycler is not different from Icharity or crowd rising anymore. It has lost it’s uniqueness bcos of d 2 downlines referral thing. It’s so unfortunate I’m caught up with this

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    Hello Ayodele! If you registered the account after the update, the account will be removed after 48hrs if there was no confirmation of payment. But if the account was registered before the update, it will be deleted later if there was no confirmation. Thank you very much

  • Hello Emeka! The system don’t get people from thin air. You will not get paid until you refer people. Refer two people that refers two people, then you get paid. However if your referer happens to refer many people, then you may benefit from spill over. Thank you very much for understanding.

    • Hello, I refer three people before the upgrade and got two payments, and after the upgrade I got nothing…please what do I need to do to get my last two payments? Thank you

  • Hello please, there’s an account created repeatedly and the person wants to manage one out of the three create, can you please remove the other a account to pave way for others members registration.

  • If u want register and get quick downliners join our cycle, Its moving fast ,u dnt need to hustle for downliners because ur link will be published on blog site and people can register through ur link. Check out this blog to confirm it to join our cycle click any of the link to register

    U can communicate with us on our whatsapp group chat at

  • I’m discouraged to refer more people since myself has not been paid after I have referred two people. The two also are still awaiting payment. I have registered and activated since 17th of November, 2016. This is not encouraging at all.

  • After this upgrade to fined people that will register under you is now a problem i don’t kwon how to collect back my money

  • My name is Lydia. I register someone three people and after payment has been confirmed I noticed the can’t login.i have tired all I could do I even sent mail to you guy but n reply and I have hit forgotten password no mail was sent. Please help me out. This three people are disturbing me. Thank you

  • Hi, I was matched to pay 25 dollars to another participant who has refused to give a prefered payment option, so I hav been unable to make payment, and now the time is running out and my account will soon be deleted. I also need a telephone line I can call to make official complaint. Thanks. I need to know what to do to get rematched with another person that is ready to participate.

  • People are now discouraged to continue or join the ultimate cycler. Your upgrading took a long time in the Nigeria calendar. We don’t work with patience Mr. CEO. Your number one rival MMM also added insult to the injury. Making the Nigerians think the online networking operandi are all scam. People are now scared and discouraged. It might take a long time for us to stick back to it.

  • Please I registered before the system went off and since then I have not been paid even the people that wanted to register under me have decided not register again and my question is how will I get my money back

  • pls I registered someone and after merge the person to pay someone the acct is not opening again pls I want the name to be remove Aguonukenneth

  • am seriously tired of utimatecycler ,this is not what i was told before registering with my 12500, i was told with or without refering people i will be paid , now its now a diferent story . this is over three weeks i registered till no payment . pls how can i get my money back. I can’t put my money were I can’t get results .

  • I want to upgrade the $10 bill. But the avenue of payment is not accepted by my country. Can’t there be room for credit card payment. And I just have two days to make the payment. Chidekstu
    From Nigeria

  • Please how do I become a life time member the avenue of payment is not yet allowed in Nigeria. I have two days left to pay the $10.

    • Find someone that has a naira credit card if u don’t hav one. It’s is acceptable once you link the card with PayPal which you have to register on thier site first as long as you have a credit card. That’s what I did and it worked.

  • Hahaha! I read and I laughed., u people complaining about being matched to be paid., who is to be matched to pay u if not ur downline downlines? If u recruite 2 and didn’t encourage ur down line to also do the same, u guys are CAPITAL OYO… All these recruit 2 and be matched with others to pay u is just a market strategies to get u into the system if u are lucky that ur upline do have a spillover and he/she is ready to help., “ur are a Godwin” but if not., like I said earlier “U ARE OYO”

  • Thanks for coming back but Mr Peter wolfing you are losing customers because of referring people… Go back to the random placing system. So hard for people to join with this new system you gave us.

  • Thanks for coming back ultimate cycler but this new system is hard to get people. Please go back to your old system because you are losing customers. People don’t want to join