Do you make money even if you sponsor NO ONE?

This is a work program. The “Join and get paid for doing nothing” is a rumor spread by others.

Nowhere on the site does it say that. Spillover is a part of the system but never to be a recruiting tool. Spillover can only happen from the person DIRECTLY above you at the time and ONLY if they bring in extra sales. If they do not, then you get none. Totally by chance. Thus if you do not make any sales and the person above does not being in any extra sales, you will sit there forever and not make any money. Somehow many people think UC is this passive program where people materialize under them out of thin air.

Imagine if 1000 join and expect to be paid for doing nothing. Where are those 2000 people to come from? Then 4000, 8000, 16000?

if everyone were to do nothing to get paid, UC would have gone down in 2-3 months. Yet over 4 years later we are still here. It’s because only when it hit Nigeria did that rumor start and people thought they could do nothing and make money. Not everyone of course.

That’s not how real business works. Business works like this. You work, you make money. You don’t work, you make no money.

Why is this such a hard concept to understand?

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Ultimate Cycler is a home-business program created by Peter Wolfing that's been designed to be easy to get started with and quick to get you into profit. It's a 2×2 cycler with a direct member-to-member compensation plan that allows for 100% instant payout on commissions.

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  • Many Nigerians are scared of joining uc because the site has gone down before and most people feared it crashed. Referring someone to join now seems a difficult task but not impossible. Peter wolfing am very appreciative of the work you did and still doing, believe me when I say uc has truly changed my life. I implore you to make Nigerians who lost faith in uc believe it’s real. Thank you for all your work

  • Yes is true. U work and get paid by bring two people under you. Which I work by bringing two people under me. For over three weeks now I have not being paid uptil now,

    • Did u do d registration ur self or someone did it for u?
      Secondly, did u just registered dormant family members or friends who are not ready to do anything, just waiting for u to get paid?

  • 100% REAL BUT FOR THE BIG GUYZ…… Have you heard of_ ​​ULTIMATE CYCLER?​​ ​It gives you​ ​​N50,000​​ ​after a week of investing just​ ​​N12,500,​​ ​without requiring you to evangelise!​

    ​Once you register, you’re paired with someone to whom you pay​ ​​N12,500​​.

    ​Within 1 week, 4 new members will be assigned to pay​ ​​N12,500​​​each to you. That’s a total of​ ​​N50,000​​ ​within a week, whether or not you introduce your friends.​

    ​Introducing friends only speeds up your collection of​ ​​N50,000.​​ ​If you choose to keep quiet, you’ll still get your​ ​​N50,000​​ ​within a week through automatic pairing from around Nigeria.​

    ​I became a cycler myself 2days ago and Now I have gotten my first payment of​ ​​N25000​​​without saying a word, remaining 2 of such payments within the week!​

    ​​Earlier the better. Register now and get paid soonest!​​
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  • I agree with Maxwell most Nigerians think UC is a scam after it crashed.But that’s our work to refer or as marketers lol. Also I don’t know how it should be be done but at UC plus they block you after 48 hours of non payment. I registered someone before UC first crashed, and he was matched to pay me after it opened he still refused because he is scared to continue his account but I still have him pending for approval the system is supposed to block such persons after some number of days.Thanks

  • Ultimate Cycler is one in a million, I was totally against networking business until I joined Ultimate Cycler, it’s different from what I thought, different from those horrible stories I hear from other networks, Ultimate Cycler is truly the bomb.

    It changed my life and I am grateful to GOD and Team Peter Wolfing.

    One thing I want to beg for is for there to be purge.
    So many people are being owed , the people that owe them totally refused to pay.

    If there’s no turnover then there’s no business. Please do something about purge .

  • Pls they really need to start blocking those that reafiuse to pay so as the system will not stand still at 1 end.Because some are getting their money wile others dont

  • Ultimate cycler is best the problem with most Nigerians is misinformation and laziness most people want to be billoniars without work. Anybody that under MLM will no that no people no business. For one person to introduce at least two persons is not big work. Shout out to the CEO OF ULTIMATE CYCLER FOR THE GOOD WORK

  • Yes a agree with you all, everyone have to work hard for the development of our beloved UC, But I have a few question to ask everyone. That’s I have registered my 4 people complete after which I have received my #50,000 in a month ago, So my question is how long will it take for me to be matched with people that will pay me again? Do i need extra work t be paid again because I provided help again after I receivedmy first pay?